Coolmate is a menswear brand that delivers products directly to customers via D2C E-commerce.

Nhà sáng lập

  • Nhu Pham

    Co-founder & CEO

Giới thiệu

Founded in early 2019, Coolmate runs the D2C e-commerce business model without relying on traditional stores for marketing and selling, offering consumers high-quality clothing at a reasonable price. Coolmate's products are minimalistic in design, highly functional, and eco-friendly. Advanced fashion technologies such as Excool (extremely cool), Anti-Smell (anti-odor), CleanDye (dry dye without pollution), HeiQ Viroblock (anti-virus on fabric) are applied in its production. Coolmate’s e-commerce platform built by a team of seasoned engineers enables the company to develop exclusive features such as smart size selection, size fit analysis, and diverse payment methods.

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