Senior Growth Officer


Nhi Nguyen is a Senior Growth Officer at Do Ventures. He is an experienced leader in online business and best known for his management positions at leading Online Grocery and Food Delivery businesses in Vietnam. He started his career as a business analyst at VinEcom, and he was one of the first members to build the foundation for Vinmart’s online grocery operations. Later on, he was promoted to Head of online Grocery at Vinmart, managing all aspects of the business from supply management, sales development, online marketing, to logistics and supply chain management. In 2018, Nhi served as Managing Director of, one of the leading food delivery platforms and became COO of Baemin Vietnam when the company was acquired by Baemin. He has an outstanding ability to bridge the gap between technology understanding and business operations. Throughout his career, he has successfully demonstrated his ability to design operations flow and leverage data to optimize online conversion rate for many businesses.

He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Vietnam – Netherlands Master Program, and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from National Academy of Public Administration (Vietnam).